Monday, December 15, 2008

To Hire or Not to Hire ...

You've met with a planner or planners. You've received proposals regarding their services ... whats next?

After each meeting, write a pro / con list of sorts. What was positive about the planner, their firm and their services? What was negative about their offerings? Take note of presentation, communication style, did they seem engaging? Does this person seem to be a good fit for you as a couple? Does this person seem like someone who is going to be a good advocate for your wedding? The one aspect that shouldn't wind up on your pro / con list is cost. Even if the proposal comes back with a quote that is beyond your expectations - don't use "overpriced" as an option to not hire that planner. You want to use this pro / con list as a basis to choose which planner is truly going to be great to work with and help create your dream wedding.

A planner is traditionally flexible on pricing - let them know if you were expecting to spend less or a lot less or let them know if this quote is in the right range. While you want to stay within your budget, be open and honest with the planner about what you are prepared to spend. My personal mantra is to work within a budget and be flexible and willing to negotiate.

Once you selected your planner and agree to a price and a package, sign the dotted line and begin on the great adventure that is wedding planning!

Tomorrow's post ... A little love for Anderson Green Events!

Happy Planning!

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