Saturday, December 20, 2008

Style? Whats that?

Regardless of whether or not you think you have style, you do. So does your mate. And, you and your mate have a style that distinctly defines you as a couple. Now, all you have to do is identify that style and then use it to help create your wedding style. And now you're saying "How in the world do I do that?"

Easy. Look at your home and your closet. What colors and textures are there? How would you describe your home? Vintage, Modern, Traditional, Romantic, Stark, Minimalist? What type of restaurants do you frequent? Trendy, Sophisticated, Small and Cozy? Where do you like to vacation? Beaches, Ski Lodges, Cities? What do you and your mate like to spend time doing? Cooking, reading, hiking, sports, traveling? All of these elements add up to create your defining style as a couple! (Obviously this is a small smattering of places to find your style - look everywhere!)

Now, take a few of those style elements and think about how you want to apply them to your wedding style. If you love the look of vintage glam, go for vintage vases to hold your centerpieces or wear a vintage dress. If you love cooking, really invest time and your budget into finding a phenomenal caterer and create a really scrumptious menu. There are literally 100's of ways for you to infuse your 'couple style' into your wedding - it doesn't necessarily have to be in every element of the wedding, but can be subtle and small. Anything at the wedding (your pick for your first dance, the choice of ribbon on your bouquet, the color tie he wears) can be representative of your style.

Lastly, a tidbit of advice that I swear by: create an inspiration board. I am a visual and hands on person, so for me, I tear pictures out of magazines and print things out like a mad woman to create my inspiration board for each wedding that I work on. It can be a picture of flowers, a cute favor idea, a swatch of fabric, websites that you love and adore, anything. Keep it all in one place and bring it to every vendor meeting. You never know which image will be a source of inspiration!

Happy Planning!

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