Saturday, December 13, 2008

When thinking about hiring a Wedding Planner ...

It seems that hiring a planner has become a must do when planning your wedding. Why is this? Some couples may think that its a frivolous expense and outside of their budget. Other couples may not realize the amount of work it takes to plan a wedding (regardless of guest list size, weddings take work!). Hiring a planner for any type of package (full, partial, day of or hourly consulting) can make the process much simpler. A good planner will take the time to get to know you as a couple - what you like, what your hobbies are, what you love about each other and use those elements to create a wedding that is truly your own. Our firms philosophy is to create unique events that really represent the couple.

When researching and meeting with planners, write down what strikes you about a wedding coordinators' website. Is it their package offerings? Is it their online portfolio? It is the way they discuss their firms mission? Once you contact a planner to arrange a complimentary consultation, also take note of their communication with you - are they prompt to respond, open to organizing a meeting around your schedule? Even though at this point you haven't met the planner or signed a contract with them - their website and their communication style are indicative of the type of person and more importantly, the type of planner they are. Once you hire a planner, you are in this "relationship" with them over the duration of planning your wedding through your wedding day and its very important to have a good fit. I tell all my potential clients that whomever they finally hire, you want to hire someone who you are going to be excited to meet with. You don't want to hire a planner who you dread seeing - this negative energy will deter from the fun and exciting aspect of your wedding - planning it!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow's post I will discuss important questions you should ask a planner during your complimentary consultation.

Happy Planning!

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