Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I made at Flower School

It goes hand in hand with working in the wedding industry that I absolutely LOVE flowers. I love the amazing things that florists can do with flowers, I love the smell that each stem gives off, basically I am a nut for flowers. But, I also consider myself creationary challenged - I am fantastic at visualizing but conception to creation {when I do it} never turns out the way I envisioned. So, in order to rid myself of this affliction, I went to Flower School last night.

The amazing duo, Bess & Ivie of Celadon & Celery, opened their studio for me to learn from the masters. Besides being so much fun, these ladies run an eco-friendly flower studio ... a rare find in Manhattan. Most all of their materials and flowers are eco-friendly or sustainable, which I just think is brilliant.

Ivie, my flower guru for the evening started off teaching me how to make a boutonniere ... I completely shocked myself with actually being able to follow along and produce one that actually looks pretty attractive!

(Any guesses on which one is mine and which is Ivie's?}

We then moved on to making a floral head wreath ... things got a bit more complicated here, but mine turned out okay. Its a bit disjointed on layout, but the rosemary smells amazing ~ just what you want from a flower girl going down the aisle - a rumbling tummy because the rosemary has got her hungry.

Next up was a bridal bouquet. I totally impressed myself here - I think mine is quite beautiful. Its romantic, asymmetric, loose and natural.

{We did a french braid down the stems with pearl pins on each braid}

Lastly, we made an awesome centerpiece. We started by putting kiwi branches into the bowl for character and then added in hydrangea leaves, millweed, rosemary, gigantic dinner plate dahlias and lastly, persimmons. I think it turned out so well.

I got to bring home my creations and I laid them all out diligently for my husband to see, when he got home he actually thought I had bought them from a florist - not made them myself! {I did have help though!} Perhaps I've been cured from my creationary challenge?!

Thanks Ivie & Bess! I had such a fun time learning!

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