Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Having been born in South Africa, my inner self is only happy when its hot outside. I don't mind heat, humidity or the stickiness that summer brings. So, when the thermometer dives south below 70 degree's - I'm not the happiest of campers. BUT, I have learned to love Fall, particularly in the Northeast when the leaves change colors, you can pull out your warm sweaters and riding boots and bake and cook lots of hearty delicious meals. I love that October means pumpkin and apple picking, spending time outdoors with family and above all, that nesting mode that the month seems to put me in.

Another reason to love the month of October is that it's Breast Cancer awareness month. Like so many others, this disease has taken away many loving and important people in my life, but I am hopeful that some day, we can find a cure. With that in mind, be sure to get your monthly self exam checks in and try to partake in as many breast cancer related events. So many of the magazines have great items for purchase that support breast cancer research - be sure to make purchases that can save lives!

I recently saw a blurb about this website: Yogabear - a website that connects cancer survivors with free passes to local yoga studios. I thought that sounded like a brilliant concept. Also, check out: Pink Initiative, a non profit organization made up of wedding professionals who collectively fundraise for breast cancer. If you're a bride, consider making a donation {perhaps in lieu of favors for your guests?}

Have a wonderful and healthy Fall Season!

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