Monday, September 21, 2009

Re-Moon Trip, Positano, Italy

I will be posting a travel diary of sorts from our "Re-Moon" in Italy, that took place the week after Labor Day this year. My husband surprised me with the trip as my First Anniversary Present! He had planned the entire trip out and did an amazing job of it.

We flew into Roma and then drove south to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It's honestly one of my most favorite places in the world and I fully intend to spend much more time there in my later years.

{view of Amalfi Coast from car ... never fails to baffle me that towns spring up all over Italy, yet in the US we can't maintain roads ... go figure}

We stayed at Hotel Miramar, which had the most perfect views of not only the Mediterranean Sea, but Positano itself.

{view from our room}

{view of Positano}

Over the course of our few days, we traveled to Ravello to explore as well as to Capri {post on that tomorrow!}. We also just walked up and down Positano {more stairs than my legs care to remember} and ate everything yummy in sight. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed it fully!

{some gardens we stumbled upon in Ravello}

{Another famous hotel and restaurant in Positano, Hotel Buca di Bacco. My parents stayed here on their honeymoon 40 years ago!}

{night view}

Stay Tuned for more Italian Goodness throughout the week!

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  1. Beauty! Hope you picked up some lemon cello while you were there :)
    This is my absolute favorite part of Italy also.