Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09 Weddings

While my husband and I were roaming around the Amalfi Coast today, we stumbled upon two couples getting married. Whenever I see a bride and groom on their wedding day outside of the US, I am always interested to see how their day is styled. Today's wedding couples were no different than other weddings I have seen in Italy (having lived here 8 years ago, I've seen a few) - simply dressed, simply flowers, simple affair. The focus seems to be the actual wedding ceremony, not the reception that follows afterward. There is much more emphasis on the importance of marriage and the beginnings of the couples joining together, rather than whether or not the couple have chosen the perfect favor to give their departing guests.

This sparked a debate between my husband and I - which is the better wedding? The simple, full of love way of the Italian Wedding (or any Non US wedding) or the lavish all out affairs in America? While neither is better than the other, its easy to forget that not everyone in the world does weddings like we do. I encourage you during your wedding planning to learn from other cultures and incorporate their traditions into your big day. Perhaps your cultural findings will be what sets your wedding apart. Besides, who doesn't want to be unique?

To those who got married today 9/9/09 ... Congratulations!

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