Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has Sprung ...

Well, its officially spring. At least by way of the calendar, not the temperature. I love spring mainly because it means that summer is almost here and because brides get more choices for flowers, colors, wearing a sleeveless dress isn't such a cold idea and most importantly because the days are longer and more venues just plain look better!

In the wake of the past few weeks (a wedding, which went well and I can't wait to see photos from), to an impromtu mini vacay with the husband and frenchies - we've got a lot going on and I can't wait to share it all with you! Exciting news coming in the new few weeks - stay tuned.

Now, back to some planning advice:

You've found the perfect venue - for whatever reason - the date is available, the space is incredible, you can hold your ceremony and reception there with minimal resetting, something about the place makes you feel wonderful ... but ... the cost is too high. I hear about this all the time - what should I do? Firstly, make a list of all the pro's and the con's (and the con list can't just be a single line item of: price). Ask for a copy of there contract - get into the nitty gritty. Perhaps they charge for elevator usage or overtime for break down and load out. Maybe they require you to pay for a bathroom attendent, or maybe, you get so many additional items included that the price is well worth it. Once you've got this list, start negotiating. (Personal secret - until I met my husband (the #1 negotiator in the world), I hardly negotiated. He taught me that practically everything is up for negotation - so true!) You want to show the venue that you're interested but don't let on that you're madly in love with the place, it gives them the leg up if you do. Ask if there is any way for a price reduction (feel free to name drop here: the present economy), or if we did away with certain elements having to do with caterering, or if you did everything earlier in the day ... by bringing specific items to the table instead of just demanding a price decrease, the venue may be more amenable. The worse they can say is no.

If you are unable to get a reduction in price, but have to have your wedding there, please do not start thinking "ok, now what do I have to give up?". We don't give up anything - we reshuffle our budget and place more importance on aspects that really matter, and find ways to spend less on aspects that aren't as important to you. Its all about compromise (and creative research!).

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