Friday, March 6, 2009

Final Preparations ...

Once you've sent your seating arrangements off to the calligrapher, what's next?

If you are doing favors, order your supplies and get them organized.

Make sure your timeline is finalized and that every vendor has a copy - if you hired a planner (even just a Day Of planner) they will do this for you.

Make a list of your entire bridal party with their cell numbers.

Go through your ceremony details with your bridal party and your officiant - before the rehearsal! It will make the rehearsal run much more smoothly.

If you are doing welcome bags for out of town guests - get them organized and ready to go! If you are dropping them off at a hotel or other accomodation - write explicit directions!

For your venue - drop off anything you will need on the wedding day a few days in advance. This can include - cake knife, special toasting glasses, a birdcage or similar for gifts, any other items that you want included!

Once you've gotten everything squared away (a few days before the wedding hopefully!) - RELAX!

Happy Planning!

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