Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Losing Faith ...

I recently got into a discussion with some brides regarding vendors and their promise to deliver on their contracts and services, so I want to post some thoughts here:

If you've met with a vendor and they tell you that they will get you a proposal/estimate or contract by a certain date - follow up with them! Obviously things arise, but your vendor should make every effort to get you a proposal as quickly as possible. If weeks go by and nothing comes to fruition, start making calls (or have your planner follow up) ... I view the post consultation time to be the most critical - how you communicate with potential clients instills faith in them that you are competent and will deliver on your services. If you've met with a vendor and a long time passes before you hear back from them - its probably best to move onto your next choice. If you don't have faith in them to send you a document - do you really have faith in them to show up on your wedding day?

Lastly, a contract is a contract is a contract. Its a legal document that states: Here is x,y, and z of the services I will provide you on such and such date, everyone signs it. Whatever is in there, your vendor must provide, by law! So, I was so surprised to hear from a bride that she's heard horror stories that couples have shown up for their wedding only to find that the wedding is nothing like what they've worked so hard to create! Venues switching rooms/spaces, decor being completly different - bands not showing up ... I was left speechless. I am hoping that these are "urban wedding myths". What have you heard?

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