Friday, October 8, 2010

happy friday

this week I have been on a search for interesting and cute ways to stay organized. I found this wedding organizer that makes me want to be a bride all over again!

You know you see a bride when you see a woman waking with a huge binder or notebook stuffed with checklists, calendars, photos, and magazine clippings! For all you super organized brides here is a trendy binder I found on Russel + Hazel's website to keep you organized. It's a little high priced but a stylish alternative to plain rubber and plastic.

Have you heard of any of these seriously untrue "wedding rules"? A fabulous article found on TheKnot explaining the top ten wedding planning myths that you can ignore.

Money can be a sensitive subject to some people and everyone deals with spending and saving differently. Some of us, like myself are spenders, and others would rather have a large savings at all times. As an almost newlywed couple it is important to talk about this really boring but really necessary topic. Here's a great article I found that had been published in Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine about some of the money mistakes newlyweds make, read this so you don't do the same!

enjoy your weekend everyone

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