Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Art of Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes have come a long way since they were very traditional in look and taste. Now you can practically get any size / shape / design / taste that you desire. When researching your cake baking options, this can be terrible for your waistline, but so amazing for your taste buds. You want to sample enough cake that you are confident that it tastes amazing, but more importantly, you want to do enough research to find a baker that can bake what you envision. Some bakers are better for more classic & elegant design, some for more funky & edgy. Decide which baker fits your needs.

Be sure when you go in for a meeting / tasting that you bring your ideas and possibly some images in. Bring swatches of your dress, bridal party outfits, linens etc. This is so helpful to the baker. Anything you can tell them about what the design of the day is going to be, can help them ensure that your cake fits in with the overall scheme of things. Keep in mind that cakes are priced per slice and that sheet cake should cost less than your regular cake. The only time doing the smaller tiered cake + sheet cake situation gets sticky is if you are doing a multi flavored cake. More in depth designs will cost more {because of hirer labor} than something more simple in design. Also, if you are bringing your cake into your venue make sure to ask if there is a slicing fee ~ some have this and some don't {same goes with caterers, check first}. Sometimes the slicing fee can make bringing an outside cake in not worth it.

Happy Caking!

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This post was originally posted on June 24th, 2009

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