Thursday, October 21, 2010

Creating Your Wedding Day Details

Even though weddings have been happening for ages and ages, no two weddings are the same. Every couple brings their own personalities into the wedding, so don't worry that your guests have seen this or that before. Maybe they have, but not with your unique twist.

As the date rolls closer, you'll want to start working on the little details ~ from guest book ideas to favors to how to number your tables. The creative ideas are endless, so be sure to brainstorm and come up with a big list to narrow down off of. Perhaps you are known for your different travels ~ try to incorporate that into your table names but using postcards from places you've been together. Or, instead of a guest book, use a wishing bucket {take a wish, leave a wish}, or set out a Polaroid camera and have guests take their own Polaroids to add to an album. There are endless ideas. When it comes to your escort card table, use different mediums to hold your escort cards {for example, my husband loves artichokes, so we had each card placed in an artichoke}. There are tons of wedding websites and magazines that showcase thousands of amazing ideas ... just be sure to choose some that have meaning to you both {i.e. if neither of you drink wine, don't give out personalized bottles of wine as favors ~ your guests won't get it}. When it comes to favors though, edible is best, especially since your guests can have it as a late night post wedding snack.

Be sure that during the week leading up to the wedding that you've already got everything you need in place, you don't want to spend your last few single days cutting wine corks in half for the place cards or making labels for your aunt's strawberry jam. Plan in advance so that you can relax before the wedding day.

{courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings}

This post was originally published on June 27th, 2009

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