Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blame it On The Rain

I will caveat this post by saying that I unintentionally got married in a Hurricane. While every summer there's always warnings that hurricanes can and do hit East Hampton, I think I was like 6 the last time one hit, so as you can imagine, not many people take the warnings that its hurricane season seriously. While the week prior to our wedding we did know that our tented affair was going to be a wet one, my husband and I didn't get upset. You can't control the weather, so why get upset? I think our vendors were surprised that we just went along with it. I didn't cry or scream, what can you do? Just go with it and have some fun.

{view from our tent with the rain}

If you do choose to get married outdoors - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a solid rain contingency plan in place. While obviously your rain plain is going to pale in comparison to your amazing outdoor plan ... keep in mind that there's nothing you can do short of doing the anti - rain dance with your bridal party to entice the rain to shove off elsewhere. If you have to enact your rain plan - just go with it. Besides the fact that you picked it, make sure you are really 100% comfortable with having whatever aspect of your day there.

And, pretty please, keep in mind that no one has any control over the weather. Not even a meteorologist.

{courtesy of Sandor Welsh Photography}

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