Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yummy, Tasty and Good for you?!

I was recently introduced to Gilda Mulero, a chef in New York City. She specializes in at-home cooking lessons where healthy meals are on the menu. She now offers a Cooking 101 course for Newlyweds to learn how to use their new nifty registry items and cook a great meal. I really wish someone had gotten this for me - after we got married I went on a 'we are married, we need to eat healthy kick ... it lasted a week considering I love carbs, butter and sugar', I digress ... But, with Gilda, you can start off your marriage with healthy, awesome food AND figure out how to use everything you got as presents - its a win win for the whole kitchen! The even better part of the Newlywed course - a wedding goer can purchase you the certificate for you! Genius!

Check Gilda out at Naturally Tasty, which has a slice of her culinary creations on it - you'll be drooling! And, make sure to ask for a Cooking 101 for Newlyweds Certificate on your registry!

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