Monday, February 2, 2009

Relax ...

The closer we get to the actual wedding day, the more I stress the word RELAX to the couples that I am working with. Relaxing before your big day is a huge part of the planing process and I get confused as to why so many people don't relax before the wedding day arrives.

Firstly, stress isn't good for anyone (a small personal tidbit - I am awesome stress internalizer - not a good trait at all), and while planning a wedding can be stressful - don't let it be! I find that stress in planning does three things:

1. It impedes your planning process because you are so stressed you are unable to make sound decisions.
2. It stresses everyone around you, which in turn causes you more stress.
3. It hurts your skin and that phenomenal engagement glow you've been sporting.

No one wants a stressed out bride, least of all the groom (and probably the bride herself!), so don't sweat the little things and make sure when you are going through the planning process in the months ahead of the wedding that you build in time the month before the wedding to relax, sit back and enjoy. To me, this is the most paramount item on your planning timeline. Let all your vendors stress out for you, that's what our job is (well, firstly our job is to make planning non stressful to begin with, but ...).

Your wedding day is going to fly by in an instant (bittersweet after all that planning for how many months?!), so you want to be relaxed so you can enjoy all your hard work and the excitement of having tied the knot. As so many brides tell me: Its just one day of our lives, marriage is much longer. I couldn't agree more!

Happy (stress free) Planning!

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