Monday, February 23, 2009

The written word ...

We've been so busy getting ready for an upcoming wedding ... but I realized that I need post about something so vital to a smooth planning process. Contracts. They are critical to ensuring a successful wedding day. You've put a ton of effort into choosing your vendors - make sure they perform exactly as they should on your wedding day!

A contract should contain the following points at the bare minimum:

Event Date
Name of those providing the services, name of those receiving the services
Total price
List of services (an addendum i.e. the service proposal works perfectly too)
In case of an emergency - what happens
Any other miscellaneous items (feeding vendors, other "hidden" costs - lodging, travel etc)

It is so important to get something in writing that is signed by the vendor and you. Without this piece of paper, your vendor may try and charge you extra or claim this, that or something else and unfortunately, you won't be able to argue much because there isn't something in writing. Even if its on a napkin - get everything written down and signed!

Happy Planning!

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