Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Find at The National Stationery Show: Drink Me Tags

Ever been invited to a dinner party and at the last minute you remember you need a gift? You grab a bottle of wine and head for your friends house - wouldn't your last minute gift be better presented if it had a delightful tag affixed to it that was both witty and memorable? Enter Drink Me Tags, the perfect gift tag for your wine bottle. These cleverly designed tags are simple yet pack a bit punch. I met Sara Rossi, one part of the Drink Me Tags duo {her mother, Val, is the other part} at NSS and immediately thought of how many I could purchase before my husband began to think that I was hoarding them. Sara mentioned how they saw a need for a sweet way to 'dress up a wine bottle' and thus Drink Me Tags were born. The sayings are hilarious "drinks well with others" "un-wine-ding" and "put a cork in it" are just a sampling. They can even customize the tags {perfect for a wedding or shower} and they have a fabulous holiday collection as well.

Check out Drink Me Tags and make sure no bottle of wine leaves the house 'undressed'!

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  1. That IS a great idea. Fabulous post introduction too, you totally sold me :-)