Monday, November 2, 2009

Notes from a Wedding Planner

Firstly, I am in total shock that it is November. What happened to this year so far? It zoomed by. Since we're now headed into Holiday madness, all I can think of is Turkey, Christmas Tree's and being wrapped up in a scarf, my new hat from Land's End and walking around Fifth Avenue in the freezing cold while sipping hot cider. Let the Season of Good Tidings begin!

Before all the holiday craziness gets everyone riled up, a few announcements and such:

If you're planning a holiday party, please consider hiring us to help make the process and event go smoothly. Want to be a guest at your own affair? We can ensure that is what happens

Our 2009 Wedding Season is drawing to a close in the next few weeks ~ the weddings have been AMAZING this year and we are so proud to be involved with them and the fabulous couple's who hired us. In honor of the 2009 season, I will be posting a Series on "What A Wedding Planner Learned from 2009" which will encompass all the takeaways I learned from this year - the great, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. What worked and what failed, what drove the bride and groom nuts and what made them ridiculously happy. Series will begin on November 15th, so stay tuned!

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