Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Day Expecations

Throughout the wedding planning process, its easy to become consumed with all the details and lose sight of a very important aspect of the planning: the actual wedding day!

As you get closer to the actual day, you'll probably be overwhelmed collecting RSVPs, getting escort cards completed and putting together welcome baskets and favors. Try to remember that these are all important details, but by no means the end all be all of your wedding day. The best aspect of weddings is that your guests have no clue what you've planned to notice if something is awry or didn't happen as expected. Use this insight to lose control on your wedding day. While you've picked all your vendors, details, logistics and everything else, there really is only one thing you can't control: the weather. And since you can't control it, just go with it {par example: my outdoor, tented reception took place during a full fledged hurricane. we didn't care because there was nothing we could do about it. but, our guests loved the added drama and it makes for great memories}.

Since you have no control over the weather or how your guests will act throughout the day, just roll with it. Get caught up in the moment of marrying the love of your life, not that your bridesmaid walked too quickly down the aisle. You want to remember all the amazing aspects of the day: your vows, the words your officiant said about you, how your new spouse looks during the first dance, the speeches and toasts made, don't worry about anything else. Its not important.

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