Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 19: Looking Good ... Being the Gorgeous Bride

Days 19: 30 Days: A Guide to Stress Free Wedding Planning

Pregnant women hear this all the time: "you're glowing!". I think the same applies to brides on their wedding day. Its one of the few days in life when our natural, inner beauty takes over and seeps to the exterior in a warm glow. I haven't met a bride who wasn't just simply stunning when the big day arrived. Which is why you want to be sure you hire the best hair and make up people to enhance your look.

Just like every day life, you don't want to look overdone or unlike yourself, so be sure to do lots of research when it comes to hiring a hair stylist and make up specialist. I find that brides leave this to the last minute, but please don't! Out of all the wedding planning, hiring a fantastic hair / make up vendor should be up there with scoring an incredible wedding gown. So, look online for reputable artists and check out their portfolio's. If you use a particular brand of make up that has a make up counter, go and ask if anyone there does bridal make up. More often then not, someone there does. Ask your former bride friends for recommendations {particularly if you thought they looked amazing on the wedding day}, talk to your salon for recommendations.

Be sure to schedule a trial with your appointment hair and make up artist{s}, this is non - negotiable! This is the time to experiment with different looks and decide what suits your face, gown style and overall wedding day. Discuss your gown and goals for the wedding. Share details on the wedding design. These are all very helpful to your artist! Once you've decided to go ahead with this particular person, sign a simple contract with them {this ensures that they will come and provide services on the wedding day}. I am a huge fan of having the artists come to wherever you and the bridal party will be getting ready {its fun + practical, easier for 1 - 2 people to come to you instead of moving way more than 2 people to a salon}. You can also get your photog to stop by and take some fun getting ready shots as well.

As far as a beauty regime goes prior to the wedding {which helps your skin look amazing}: eat healthy and drink a ton of water. If you are going to hit up the spa the week of the wedding, be sure to test out whatever facial / procedure you are going to have months before to ensure a smooth run.

{My own hair and make up on my wedding day! Hair and Make Up done by the ultra amazing Jodi + Heidi of Damali, Photos by Kathleen Doran}

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