Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 18: Stylish Ride: Transportation

Days 18: 30 Days: A Guide to Stress Free Wedding Planning

One of the last-ish details that any couple should be thinking about is transportation. If you are all in one place {getting ready, ceremony, reception etc} that this detail isn't for you, but if you have to travel from place to place on the wedding day, you need some mode of transportation.

Firstly, write down everyone that is going to need a lift {I've included ALL possibilities, some may not be applicable to all}:

Photographer / Videographer

Once you've compiled your list, be sure to add everyone up to determine numbers.

Then decide your pick up and drop off locations for everyone on the list. By doing this, you are figuring out exactly who needs transportation and where they are coming and going. Think of where you can re-use limos/cars so save money. Also, think about your guests: are they at a central hotel or staying all over the place? If they are all over the place you may actually be better off letting them drive or providing telephone numbers to taxi's rather than trying to get numerous shuttles/buses organized. Know your group of guests: are they the type to want to drive themselves, or take a group bus?

Once you've got the details down, contact local transportation companies to get pricing. Keep in mind that most have a set minimum of hours and that anything beyond those hours is considered over time. Also, find out how you communicate with the drivers {is there a central dispatch, or do you get a drivers cell #?}. Are you allowed to celebrate in the car with a little bubbly or not? When would you need to supply directions? When you've found the appropriate service: GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING! Pick Up / Drop Off locations, pricing + overtime, times and what the waiting policy is.

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