Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not Your Traditional Welcome Bag ...

As most weddings are now 'mini vacations' for guests, couples are spending more time, money and effort into creating the most fabulous Welcome Bag. The contents of these bags range from personal (a postcard from the city personally written to welcome so and so to x, y and z city), to a custom map of the couples favorite haunts and activities, mini versions of the best foods and beverages the city has to offer and perhaps something iconic and representative of the location.

I've always loved travel guide books, the best ones don't just give you the usual suspects of a place (i.e. in NYC: The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center (all amazing places btw)), but they give you hard to find restaurants, great walks where you'll see incredible places and amazing finds that even most locals don't know about. I've always enjoyed the Not For Tourists books because they do just that, but, there's a new player in town and I had to share:

Moleskine City Books

These books are customized by YOU! You can add in favorite places, specific types of maps, create itineraries, the works! Its a book to store everything you find that you want to try out when you travel. Genius! If your budget allows, it would be awesome to get one of these books (they currently stock 44 cities around the world) and customize them for your guests. Perhaps even create a treasure hunt to find the place where he proposed? The possibilities are endless ...

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