Thursday, May 28, 2009

End of May Wrap Up

Firstly, I can't believe its almost June. Where is 2009 going? We've got a few new york city weddings coming up that we're really excited about, a move into a new place and of course, Lulu's 2nd birthday. Its quite a few weeks ahead of us!

In honor of the fabu blogging workshop I attended yesterday, during the month of June, I'll be doing a Series called '30 Days: A Guide to Stressfree Wedding Planning '. It'll be focused on planning your wedding so that you won't stress out or get anxiety regardless of if you are getting married in 1 month or 12 months (or any time in between). For anyone whose met me, I am about as stress free a person you can come in contact with (I also have an abnormally low pulse ... my GP thinks these two things are correlated) and I strongly advocate that wedding planning doesn't have to be a nightmare for the bride, groom or the families. So, stay tuned for 30 Day of Tips.

Happy Planning!

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