Monday, January 26, 2009

Helpful Advice or Not?

I had the opportunity this past weekend to spend time with a very close friend from college, who happens to be getting married this July. I've been offering bits of advice here and there to her along her planning journey, but only when asked. I have a tendency to get overexcited when talking about weddings and give information overload to whomever asked, so with friends I try and keep a low profile and only give advice when explicitly asked for it.

We talked alot about how to manage all the advice that brides receive during their engagement. It seems every time you mention that you are planning a wedding, everyone whose ever been in a wedding or had a wedding themselves has loads of advice and information to offer. Some of it is helpful, some of it is not. How do you manage to listen to whatever they are saying and when none of it is what you want or is applicable, how do you politely get them to stop offering more? I am a big believer in being honest with people, so my advice (sorry!) is to say thank you to whomever it is and then mention that things are coming along and that if you want any more advice / information, you'll ask for it. Its a small hint that you're not going to listen going forward.

How do you all manage to stay sane during the process when everyone wants to give input?

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