Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can we have an open flame?

When visiting venues, feel free to ask any question you like. Don't hold back. Remember, this will be your space for your wedding and you absolutely can ask how many toilets there are for each gender or how they have handled unruly guests in the past. When you walk into the venue, try and picture what your guests will see and feel. Do you like the entry way? Is it easily accessible by young and old? Ask where coat check happens and where escort cards will go. You want to get a good enough verbal description that while you are standing in the space, you can picture what your wedding day will look like when the area is all set up.

As I said, any question goes, so ask it. Be sure to ask if there is a bridal suite, what size tables they have, what the linen and cutlery options are, where bars get placed, how the waiters operate when serving. Also, remember to ask if open flame is allowed, what vendors you can bring in for florals/decor/entertainment/photography etc - do they have a preferred list or can you use anyone? How does the menu work - make sure you fully understand what your options are, and how your choices affect the price point. Get everything in writing - the price per head, any usage or site fees, taxes, gratuity, extras.

Lastly, the most important thing to ask is if they are flexible on pricing. If you fall in love with a space but its a tad outta reach, say that you love it, but you were hoping to spend XXX instead of YYY and see what they can offer you. I'd say that most venues are willing to bend a bit to accommodate you, at the end of the day, they would rather have a happy bride and groom than none at all!

Happy Planning!

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