Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time Management

If anyone has followed me today on Twitter, you'll recognize why I am writing this post!

When it comes to wedding planning, it takes time. For however long it is between when you start your wedding planning process and the actual wedding date, you'll have lots of decisions and choices to make, which all take time {see my 30 days guide here for the decisions and choices involved}. You have to make time to in order to bring your wedding vision to life.

Now, don't panic! Regardless of how full your daily schedule is, you have time to plan the wedding, it just means being smart about it. Firstly, realize that planning a wedding is an involved process. Even more so, if you have to travel to the wedding destination or want to do lots of DIY projects. There's research involved, meetings to be held, proposals and bids to look over and decisions to be made and ideas and concepts to be pulled together. There's also lots of time to bond with your future spouse and millions and millions of amazing and fantastic resources to scour on the Internet.

Limit yourself to certain times of the day / week to do research on vendors and ideas. You don't want to upset your boss by always being on a wedding blog, so either start subscribing to your favorite blogs, or utilize Google Reader and read it once a day. Read your wedding magazines on your commute {obviously not if you're driving} or instead of watching TV. Carry a notebook around with you in case any ideas pop into your head, so you can quickly write them down. Maintain a notebook or inspiration board with images / ideas / concepts.

Try to arrange your meetings for evenings or weekends, so you have time afterwards to digest what you learn. Either make a commitment to have "wedding planning weekends" where you cram the entire weekend full of wedding related moments, so that the rest of the month is free, or choose to have meetings when you have free time.

Most importantly, make time for family, friends, fun and exercise! This is not the time to let stress get in the way of your normal life. Being healthy is of the utmost importance! Being organized throughout the process while ensure that you are calm and relaxed for the actual wedding. You don't want to look like this:

{courtesy of Bridal Party Tee's}

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