Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mini Hiatus ...

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I am currently in an area where I don't have access to the internet!

We have many exciting posts coming up in the next two weeks, so while I won't be posting regularly, there will be posts coming up.

I hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season - I personally cannot believe that its almost 2009 already!

Happy Planning!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Checking things off the list ...

On the big list of "things to do" in order to plan your wedding, you've been on quite a roll so far ...

Proposal - check
Created a budget - check
Started working on a guest list - check
Chosen a location for the wedding - check
Defined your wedding style - check

What's next?

Start looking into venues and then vendors. Decide where in your budget you want to spend more money - food, entertainment, decor, lighting, transportation, any aspect of the reception - its up to you to choose where a larger portion of your budget should go, based on what is important to you as a couple.

Decide if you want to hire a wedding planner. A planner can be a great resource for cost cutting ideas, help with pulling together the design for the wedding day, aid with all the logistics, and most importantly for relieving stress from you. Most planners offer a range of packages from Full Planning to Day Of services. If you opt to go the planner route, decide which package will suit your needs the best.

Start looking at stationary (Save the Dates, invites, other paper goods) and meeting with different stationers. If your guests are going to be traveling in for the wedding weekend, its best to send a Save the Date out roughly nine months before the wedding to give them a heads up and to start making their travel plans.

Amass a big collection of wedding related materials - magazines, blogs, images and file them away. Everything you see should serve as a source of inspiration for each element of the wedding day. Start looking at various wedding gowns and go try a few on! You'll never know what looks the most amazing if you don't try it on!

Lastly, relax. Be proud of the things you have accomplished so far. Since its the holidays, take some time to just enjoy the holidays!

Happy Planning!

PS - I am off on vacation this afternoon, and will be posting when I have regular access to the Internet. Hopefully it'll be everyday, but in Africa, you never know!

Style? Whats that?

Regardless of whether or not you think you have style, you do. So does your mate. And, you and your mate have a style that distinctly defines you as a couple. Now, all you have to do is identify that style and then use it to help create your wedding style. And now you're saying "How in the world do I do that?"

Easy. Look at your home and your closet. What colors and textures are there? How would you describe your home? Vintage, Modern, Traditional, Romantic, Stark, Minimalist? What type of restaurants do you frequent? Trendy, Sophisticated, Small and Cozy? Where do you like to vacation? Beaches, Ski Lodges, Cities? What do you and your mate like to spend time doing? Cooking, reading, hiking, sports, traveling? All of these elements add up to create your defining style as a couple! (Obviously this is a small smattering of places to find your style - look everywhere!)

Now, take a few of those style elements and think about how you want to apply them to your wedding style. If you love the look of vintage glam, go for vintage vases to hold your centerpieces or wear a vintage dress. If you love cooking, really invest time and your budget into finding a phenomenal caterer and create a really scrumptious menu. There are literally 100's of ways for you to infuse your 'couple style' into your wedding - it doesn't necessarily have to be in every element of the wedding, but can be subtle and small. Anything at the wedding (your pick for your first dance, the choice of ribbon on your bouquet, the color tie he wears) can be representative of your style.

Lastly, a tidbit of advice that I swear by: create an inspiration board. I am a visual and hands on person, so for me, I tear pictures out of magazines and print things out like a mad woman to create my inspiration board for each wedding that I work on. It can be a picture of flowers, a cute favor idea, a swatch of fabric, websites that you love and adore, anything. Keep it all in one place and bring it to every vendor meeting. You never know which image will be a source of inspiration!

Happy Planning!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where should we get hitched?

Perhaps you've known for ages where you would like to get married. Your hometown? His hometown? A family home somewhere? The city you met in and fell in love in? A vacation spot you had a lot of fun in or some place you've always wanted to go. Regardless of the significance of the place you decide to get married in, narrowing down the choice can be a hard one.

Here are three factors to consider on behalf of your guests:

1) How convenient is it for you and your guests to get there? Does it require a ton of travel by plane, car or train? Is there a large airport nearby or will your guests have to traverse small watercraft and ferries to get there?

2) Is there affordable, nice lodging available? While some guests won't mind paying a lot for a hotel, some guests might not have the resources for the same place. Make sure that there are different budget options.
(As a side note, for my wedding in East Hampton, we made suggestions from low to high end on our wedding website and then let guests choose on their own. Since there wasn't a large hotel or chain hotel (for a room block) we had guests staying at 20 different locations, which made delivering gift baskets a complete nightmare ... keep this in mind!)

3) Are there fun activities for your guests to do during the weekend while they aren't at the wedding itself? As wedding weekends have become more like a mini getaway for guests, providing a list of activities in the area (i.e. shopping, sports, beaches, sightseeing etc) is extremely helpful - especially if they haven't been there before.

Just as much as the wedding is for the bride and groom, consider these factors for your guests when choosing a location!

Tomorrow I will mention my tidbits for defining your wedding style ... stay tuned!

Happy Planning!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

He proposed, you said yes ... Now What?

Getting engaged is a fantastic time during your relationship. It's exciting, it's joyous and then ... it becomes daunting. After everyone congratulates you, they ask "So, when is the big day?" When is the big day? You can barely get over the fact that you've gotten engaged and already you need a day, a plan and all the logistics sorted out?!

Firstly, relax. Once you're engaged, you don't need to jump onto the planning. Its perfectly fine to take some time to let the proposal and engagement seep in. No need to become a stressed out bride who can't relax. Start the planning off slowly and in a calm manner. If you let the wedding and the wedding planning take on a life of its own, it'll wear on you too much! Instead, be practical, be resourceful and most of all, be relaxed!

When you finally manage to come down from Proposal Cloud Nine, there are two things you should think about: when and where. When do we want to get married? (What season of the year, what date, what holds the most significance for you as a couple?) Where do we want to get married? (Is there a specific place you've always dreamed of, or a place that holds a lot of meaning for you as a couple, or for your families?) ... With those answers taking shape, you can tackle anything regarding your planning.

The next step ... guest list. Make your ideal guest list - don't worry about size, numbers or amount of people. Once you get this Master Master guest list (this would include all your parents choices too) you can sit down and narrow down the list to the most important people in your lives while eliminating the fluff.

Lastly, your fourth step should be determining a budget. Who is going to pay for this awesome wedding you are going to plan? Its not the best discussion to have, but its a must do, you simply can't avoid talking money. Determine who is paying for what and the amount of their contribution. Having a budget is going to help keep your wedding organized. In these tough economic times, it is completely possible to have an amazing wedding that won't blow the bank, you just need to be creative and hire vendors that are willing to work within your outlined budget and who will think outside of the box.

Planning your wedding should be a time of fun, creativity and excitement! It shouldn't become a chore or too overwhelming.

In the current issues of Brides Magazine, there is a really nifty and helpful pull out guide that outlines what you should do post engagement in terms of planning. Check it out!

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Graciously Good Food ...

I was lucky enough to have lunch last week with Irene St. Onge, senior sales consultant from Gracious Thyme, a NYC based catering firm that specializes in elegant, yummy food. They have 20 years of experience in the catering industry and they've learned to create wonderful food that is classic yet unique and most importantly isn't drowning in excess anything! Simply delightful. They are the preferred caterers at some of the most prestigious locales in NYC, The Asia Society (where they run the cafe - go check it out, you'll love it!) and the New York Public Library to name a few. While they cater many a wedding, they are also available for just about any event that needs food, including small private affairs. What really struck me about their food wasn't just their high quality, ingenious parings (I have a fantastic curried chicken salad!), it was that Irene was such a nice person, indicative of all the staff that works at Gracious Thyme. They are so attentive to detail and really listen to their clients food desires. They truly are the definition of a great catering firm: amazing food, amazing staff. What more could you want?

Please visit Gracious Thyme online.

Bon Appetit!

(photos coutesy of Gracious Thyme)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An honor ...

Our firm recently had the honor of being written up in New York Weddings Magazine ~ Winter Edition. For any couple getting married in the NYC area, this is simply the bible of wedding magazines. It features great venues, vendors and inspirational ideas and the best part - at all different price ranges.

Here's the blurb about us:

Founder Lisa Green believes that to employ a planner is to gain a friend, which is why she takes on only eight to ten weddings a year. Down-to-earth couples will enjoy her whimsical touches, such as using centerpieces made entirely of candy, cupcakes, and cookies or tables named after famous ski resorts the couple had visited. Prices upon request.

Check out the other offerings in the Winter Edition:
New York Wedding Magazine

And thanks to NY Weddings Mag for including us, its truly an honor!

(photo courtesy of NY weddings magazine)

Monday, December 15, 2008

To Hire or Not to Hire ...

You've met with a planner or planners. You've received proposals regarding their services ... whats next?

After each meeting, write a pro / con list of sorts. What was positive about the planner, their firm and their services? What was negative about their offerings? Take note of presentation, communication style, did they seem engaging? Does this person seem to be a good fit for you as a couple? Does this person seem like someone who is going to be a good advocate for your wedding? The one aspect that shouldn't wind up on your pro / con list is cost. Even if the proposal comes back with a quote that is beyond your expectations - don't use "overpriced" as an option to not hire that planner. You want to use this pro / con list as a basis to choose which planner is truly going to be great to work with and help create your dream wedding.

A planner is traditionally flexible on pricing - let them know if you were expecting to spend less or a lot less or let them know if this quote is in the right range. While you want to stay within your budget, be open and honest with the planner about what you are prepared to spend. My personal mantra is to work within a budget and be flexible and willing to negotiate.

Once you selected your planner and agree to a price and a package, sign the dotted line and begin on the great adventure that is wedding planning!

Tomorrow's post ... A little love for Anderson Green Events!

Happy Planning!

Meet Me ...

A few weeks ago I was featured in the "Meet the Planners' Section of the fantastic blog The Smart Planner, one of my favorite wedding related blogs out there in cyberspace. Check it out to see what I have to say!

Meet the Planners

(Thanks to Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs - a fantastic wedding planning firm!)

Happy Planning!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Complimentary Consultation ...

You've taken the plunge to hire a planner, you've researched planners and you've decided to meet for a consultation. What should you prepare for your meeting? The consultation is not only a time for you to interview a prospective wedding planner but its also a time for the planner to interview you as a prospective client. You want to be prepared just as much as you want to be yourself and ready and excited to discuss your wedding.

Bring a list of questions you want to ask a planner. They can be as broad or specific as necessary - its not uncommon to want to know how many weddings or events a planner works on per year. Feel free to ask how they got started in wedding planning or event management. You can even ask how they've handled difficult guests or how they've implemented rain contingency plans when inclement weather happens.

During your first consultation with a planner take note of how they answer your questions or how they ask you questions - is this someone you can relate to on a personal level? Are the planners answers logical and in line with the information that you are providing? Does the planner just seem to get it, you, your wedding?

Don't be afraid to ask questions during your consultation - the more information you gather by asking questions, the better perspective you'll get into this planner, and most importantly, how they are going to BE as your wedding planner.

Stay tuned for more .... tomorrow we'll discuss what happens next ....

Happy Planning!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

When thinking about hiring a Wedding Planner ...

It seems that hiring a planner has become a must do when planning your wedding. Why is this? Some couples may think that its a frivolous expense and outside of their budget. Other couples may not realize the amount of work it takes to plan a wedding (regardless of guest list size, weddings take work!). Hiring a planner for any type of package (full, partial, day of or hourly consulting) can make the process much simpler. A good planner will take the time to get to know you as a couple - what you like, what your hobbies are, what you love about each other and use those elements to create a wedding that is truly your own. Our firms philosophy is to create unique events that really represent the couple.

When researching and meeting with planners, write down what strikes you about a wedding coordinators' website. Is it their package offerings? Is it their online portfolio? It is the way they discuss their firms mission? Once you contact a planner to arrange a complimentary consultation, also take note of their communication with you - are they prompt to respond, open to organizing a meeting around your schedule? Even though at this point you haven't met the planner or signed a contract with them - their website and their communication style are indicative of the type of person and more importantly, the type of planner they are. Once you hire a planner, you are in this "relationship" with them over the duration of planning your wedding through your wedding day and its very important to have a good fit. I tell all my potential clients that whomever they finally hire, you want to hire someone who you are going to be excited to meet with. You don't want to hire a planner who you dread seeing - this negative energy will deter from the fun and exciting aspect of your wedding - planning it!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow's post I will discuss important questions you should ask a planner during your complimentary consultation.

Happy Planning!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Welcome to the Anderson Green Events blog!

We are a New York City based Event Management firm with a specialty in Weddings and Social Events. We invite you to have a look at our website ( and check out images from previous events as well as the services we offer. Please contact us by phone or email to set up a consultation for your next event!

To introduce myself, I am Lisa Green, the head planner at Anderson Green Events. I will use this blog to feature events through images and stories, highlight awesome vendors that I am impressed with and to generally comment on any musings that relate to weddings. I hope that my commentary is fun, exciting and insightful. Please leave comments and critiques, I love hearing from readers and am always looking to improve my blog.

Happy Planning!