Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We hope you have a ghoulish and garish halloween weekend!

{via Martha Stewart}

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tips for Honeymoon Planning

I had a chance this past weekend to sit down and catch up on the pile of magazines that have been calling my name while they sat unread. I was flipping through Travel+Leisure when I came across an article that got me thinking about Honeymoons.

As a wedding planner, I get asked alot about my thoughts on where to go on a honeymoon and how much money to save for it. While I think the honeymoon is a very personal travel experience for each couple ~ I do have a couple thoughts that may be helpful:

*keep your wedding budget and honeymoon budget separate: they are separate activities and thus the funds for them should be separate

*when thinking of a locale for your trip think about where you want to go and what you plan on doing once you get there. If you aren't the type to go hiking, ziplining or do anything outdoorsy, then don't pick a place that mainly caters to those activities, as they aren't relevant to you

*try to amass hotel points through a credit card so that you can get some free nights at some fabulous hotels ... paying for the wedding? hint hint!

*drop the H word {honeymoon} when making your reservations ... you may get some extra perks or deals because of it!

Check out this article about affordable & fabulous hotel deals in the caribbean while checking out places to head to for your much deserved vacay!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exciting Times for Wedding Planning!

After months and months of brainstorming and researching, I am finally ready to unveil our new packages of services that we offer! Essentially, we've upgraded the "Full Planning" package to something a little bit more full service {rehearsal dinner planning + coordination, RSVP management, DIY projects all now included!} which will let us get even more hands on in your wedding weekend planning process. We've kept our "Full Planning" and "Partial Planning" packages and upgraded our "Day Of Coordination" to "Month Of Coordination" ... and finally, we've given each package a nifty NYC-esque name, just to give them a little bit of polish! If you are interested in further detail on any of our services, please email me @
lisadee {at}!

In other fab news, check out these links:

The fantastic ladies of Masterpiece Weddings & Swoonoverit were kind enough to add me into their Be A Planner series. Check it out here to see how I got started in wedding planning and to see another lovely picture of my french bulldogs!

Julianne Smith, the genius behind Garter Girl, has written an excellent post for brides and grooms alike. Before you sit down and plan one second of your wedding, read her post! It will be a life saver in the wedding planning process.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mini Announcement

Just a quick note to let you all know that on Friday, I will be announcing our updated coordination packages! I've spent a long time doing research and tweaking what we offer to give you the bride & groom MORE services to streamline your wedding planning.

Our website will be updated in the coming weeks with a nifty new services section as well to reflect the changes.

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Decluttering 101

While most people do a gigantic Spring Cleaning during the actual Spring, I find that I get restless around this time of year and always feel the need to purge my home and mind of unwanted clutter and excess. There's something about the colder weather that makes me want to be undone of all the junk. Perhaps its because the holidays are near and its always a time of reflection. I find that the end of the year always signals thoughts of a renewed spirit and mind and home!

How can we apply this de-cluttering to your wedding planning? Very simply it turns out. Its so easy to get bogged down by all the details, inspiration, ideas and guests who inevitably will drive you crazy {"seriously, just mail back the RSVP card and yes, for the 1000th time, we have a wedding website that outlines everything you need to know ..."}. Regardless of how close the wedding day is, TAKE A BREAK! Decide to spend some week nights and weekends entirely wedding free. Don't think of anything wedding related. Forget the diet. Do anything else {perhaps whatever it was that you did before the wedding planning began ... if you can remember those days!} that will renew your mind and clear you of any undue stress. You can't think clearly and rationally if all you have is stressful thoughts that are taking up mental space. Treat your brain like a valuable piece of real estate ~ if it ain't paying rent, evict it.

How do you unwind and declutter?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Round Up: Advice + Good Things

While it appears that we've skipped right over Fall and gone directly into Winter here in the Northeast, I am hopefully that the rain will subside and the lovely Fall weather will come back before its too late!

There must be something in the water this week when it comes to wedding planners ~ both Leila from Be Inspired PR and Melissa from Masterpiece Weddings wrote posts about the value of hiring a wedding planner. Check out both posts here and here. There's lots of goodies packed into both posts, so read carefully!

Two new announcements around the blog-o-sphere as well! The blog formerly known as Vintage Glam has transformed into Ruffled and is simply delightful. And, The Sweetest Occasion is up and running. Check out both for inspiration and divine wedding related everything!

Happy Weekending!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I Did It My Way"

I had the pleasure this past weekend of helping to coordinate a wedding that was so full of love and personality that I can't stop thinking about it. When I had originally met with the couple 18 months ago, they were planning a much more elaborate affair with a sizable guest list, but then the economy tanked and well, they needed to revisit their wedding day concept. And revisit they did. They scrapped most of the guest list, changed venues from a vintage theatre to their favorite restaurant in their neighborhood. They chose this place as it has a private back garden that they could tent and have for the afternoon and evening - no time limits, no hassles. They invited only their closest 30 family and friends and they chose to hold their ceremony 5 blocks from their apartment. We met on Friday evening to share a bottle of wine and decorate the tent - LED candles, Japanese lanterns and we used cupcakes as the centerpieces on the tables. On Saturday, it was windy but sunny but the wedding was fantastic.

What I loved most about this couple and their wedding is that it was truly them. Nothing over the top or pretentious, just like them. The guests there really and truly cared about them getting married. They were handed an unfortunate twist of events and they made the wedding work for them. They cut out the fluff so that their day was their day and not some big overdone affair that didn't reflect them as a couple.

I think its important during your wedding planning to step back and reflect ~ is the affair that you are creating really and truly about you and your soon - to - be? Does it reflect who you are as a couple? Or, are you doing things because someone else is dictating your style? Remember that its just one day {albeit one of the biggest and bestest days of your life!} and you want that day to be only about YOU.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary!

One year ago today, the extremely lovely Kristin and Mike became man and wife! I had simply the best time working on their wedding and I still can't believe its been a year!

{courtesy of the fantastic 5WestStudios}

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blame it On The Rain

I will caveat this post by saying that I unintentionally got married in a Hurricane. While every summer there's always warnings that hurricanes can and do hit East Hampton, I think I was like 6 the last time one hit, so as you can imagine, not many people take the warnings that its hurricane season seriously. While the week prior to our wedding we did know that our tented affair was going to be a wet one, my husband and I didn't get upset. You can't control the weather, so why get upset? I think our vendors were surprised that we just went along with it. I didn't cry or scream, what can you do? Just go with it and have some fun.

{view from our tent with the rain}

If you do choose to get married outdoors - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a solid rain contingency plan in place. While obviously your rain plain is going to pale in comparison to your amazing outdoor plan ... keep in mind that there's nothing you can do short of doing the anti - rain dance with your bridal party to entice the rain to shove off elsewhere. If you have to enact your rain plan - just go with it. Besides the fact that you picked it, make sure you are really 100% comfortable with having whatever aspect of your day there.

And, pretty please, keep in mind that no one has any control over the weather. Not even a meteorologist.

{courtesy of Sandor Welsh Photography}

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Roud Up: Fantastic Wedding Finds

With it being the start of decreasing temperatures et all, this weeks round up is full of lovely things that will chain you to your computer for ages - perfect since not many want to be outside while the temps dip low.

Firstly, I totally forgot to post this last week. A wedding that I coordinated in June was taped as the pilot episode for a new TV show called In Full Bloom, which follows the amazing Shawn Rabideau as he transforms rooms and spaces with flowers. Check out the promo clip for the show here and see me in action while I help out!

If you haven't been following along Broke Ass Bride's Wedding in a Week, you've been missing out on some awesome giveaways. So head on over here, to check out all the goodies!

A truly talented friend of mine, ABCD of ABCD Designs {Bespoke Stationary} is giving away a personal custom stationary design set to a very lucky winner in honor of her two year blog-i-versary! Her creations are simply a delight, so get yourself over to Pretty Lovely to enter in the contest. I promise, if you win, you'll be pleased as punch.

And lastly, while its a tad early to be thinking about all the upcoming holidays ... you may just want to since Paloma's Nest as added some nifty handcrafted holiday items and gifts to her etsy shop. Check them out before they are all gone!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Having been born in South Africa, my inner self is only happy when its hot outside. I don't mind heat, humidity or the stickiness that summer brings. So, when the thermometer dives south below 70 degree's - I'm not the happiest of campers. BUT, I have learned to love Fall, particularly in the Northeast when the leaves change colors, you can pull out your warm sweaters and riding boots and bake and cook lots of hearty delicious meals. I love that October means pumpkin and apple picking, spending time outdoors with family and above all, that nesting mode that the month seems to put me in.

Another reason to love the month of October is that it's Breast Cancer awareness month. Like so many others, this disease has taken away many loving and important people in my life, but I am hopeful that some day, we can find a cure. With that in mind, be sure to get your monthly self exam checks in and try to partake in as many breast cancer related events. So many of the magazines have great items for purchase that support breast cancer research - be sure to make purchases that can save lives!

I recently saw a blurb about this website: Yogabear - a website that connects cancer survivors with free passes to local yoga studios. I thought that sounded like a brilliant concept. Also, check out: Pink Initiative, a non profit organization made up of wedding professionals who collectively fundraise for breast cancer. If you're a bride, consider making a donation {perhaps in lieu of favors for your guests?}

Have a wonderful and healthy Fall Season!

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