Friday, May 15, 2009

Sharing Information ...

As wedding celebrations have become larger and more detailed, so has the information that you need to convey to your guests. From out of town travel information, to directions, to fun weekend activities, your guests need to know alot. The best way to convey all of this information is to create a wedding website that includes all the pertinent information for the weekend celebrations and perhaps a few funny tidbits about the couple too! Along with your save the dates (if applicable), your wedding website is another glimpse into the style of the wedding, so make sure that it jives with the actual wedding day (i.e. if you've got a beach theme going, choose a beachy background for the page). These are all helpful hints to your guests about what to expect and how to dress.

How do you announce your newly created awesome website? A good place is the Save the Date card, you can just list the website discreetly on the card. Or, if you didn't do "STD's" then insert a card into the invitation with the information on it.

When we put together our Save the Dates with our wedding webpage on it, my mother's biggest concern was whether or not the older folks would be internet savvy enough to get all the information on the website ... we finally decided that they would be and that if not, they would probably call us anyways for the information and that was just fine!

If you want to peruse some wedding webpages, check out:
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Happy Webpaging!

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