Friday, May 29, 2009

Day Of Wedding Coordination: Misleading

For anyone whose ever had a consultation with me, they've heard this: I planned my own wedding, but I did hire a Day Of Coordinator. I wanted to be a bride that day and given the logistics of a tented reception during a hurricane, having an advocate there to act on my behalf was just invaluable. If I had to get married that day AND oversee all the logistics, I wouldn't have had as much fun as I did. Therefore, I can definitely provide a logical and personal opinion for hiring a Day Of wedding coordinator. My only issue with the "DOC" is that in fact, your planner isn't just there for the Day Of.

If your Day Of Coordinator literally showed up on the day of, it'd be chaos ... she/he wouldn't have any clue what was happening. When you hire a DOC, you're actually hiring someone for Month Of Coordination. Roughly 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding day, you will sit down with your wedding planner and go through all the vendor contracts and details that you've worked so diligently on. By doing this, your planner will get the full picture of how you want your wedding day to proceed. During this meeting you'll also start to construct the wedding day timeline (check out my past post on timelines). After a few weeks of editing/tweaking, the wedding timeline will be complete and your MOC will distribute it to the relevant vendors.

By hiring a Month Of Wedding Coordinator, you're ensuring that you and your soon to be will actually be guests at your wedding ~ something truly invaluable!

Join me on my mini crusade to educate the wedding world on the misnomer of the Day Of Wedding Coordinator!

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