Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where do we begin?

I thought I would take a moment and discuss research and your wedding planning. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we live in an 'information age' and it seems that there are millions of wedding related resources out there. This can work for you, or against you, which is the unfortunate part. There are so many amazing places to look for ideas, inspiration, venues and vendors - where does one begin and/or have the time to take everything in?!

Firstly, limit your resource net - find a few magazines, websites and blogs that emulate YOUR STYLE, don't bombard yourself with every last possible website or magazine that mentions the word "wedding". Stick to the ones that can add real value to your planning process.

Secondly, make a notebook or a file that will house all of the wedding related treasures you will find along your research journey. (I did this for my own wedding and I still do this for my clients) By doing this, you can reference these inspirational bits when you are interviewing vendors, or making decisions related to your overall reception concept.

Lastly, remember that you will come across a multitude of things in your research, but choose only those that you cannot live without. You can always take an idea and use it for another event you hold in your life - 1st Anniversary parties, Birthday's, Holidays etc. I come across things everyday that I would have loved to have used for my wedding, but I either didn't know about it then or it would have been too much. I save these for ideas related to dinner parties, items to decorate my house or other events that I will plan (I just got to use some ideas at a baby shower last weekend!) - so, take note, there's always some other appropriate time to use your inspirational bits! As I keep telling my husband, we can always renew our vows in a few years!

Happy Planning!

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