Friday, January 16, 2009

Searching for the right venue ...

There are so many amazing options when it comes to venues for your wedding. How will you narrow it down to finding your perfect place? The venue that you finally decide on should be a place that is a combination of a few factors: right pricing, , holds the right amount of guests, right space, right look and right style. Can you picture your first dance in that space? Does the place just simply exude you and your fiance? Will the costs associated with this place fit in with your budget?

Perhaps you've always known where your wedding is going to be held, or perhaps you have no clue. Be sure to visit a ton of places in a wide variety of "categories". You've got the traditional hall, grand ballrooms, lofts, restaurants, gardens, estates, barns, you name it, there's probably a space that can host a wedding.

Take your time, this is probably the first and biggest decision you need to make regarding your wedding. Look at many many places, even if you think that a place won't fit the bill. I've found that lots of places online have images that don't do the space justice, so look at places online with a grain of salt.

Happy Planning!

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