Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Two Year Anniversary Mr. G!

Two years ago today, I became Mrs. Green! Two years ago today, Mr. G and I recited the same vows that both of our parents recited to each other {and have kept for 33 and 41 years respectively}. Two years ago today, Hurricane Hanna tried to blow away our tented wedding reception and instead, all she managed to do was cause a minor leak while 231 guests attended the party of a lifetime. Two years ago today, I became a wife and gained a husband. Two years ago today was hands down the best day of our lives. Two years ago today, I married my soul mate, someone who believes in me, loves me unconditionally and who supports all my dreams. Two years ago today, I got married.

Happy Anniversary Mr. G!

{bottom two pix: courtesy of 5 West Studios}

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  1. Definitely my personal opinion, but the hurricane made the party even better! Happy anniversary to the Mr. & Mrs.!