Thursday, September 24, 2009

Re-Moon Trip, Island of Capri

From the Amalfi coast, one can take a quick ferry ride over to Capri, so we hit the high seas to see this beautiful island!

We pulled into Capri Harbor ~ there were tons of large private yacht's about and many a tourist restaurant. We decided to take the Funicular train up to the main "city" and explore from there. The main piazza of Capri was full of of tourists, so the husband and I cruised along some winding "streets" and finally got away from the crowds. We walked for about an hour until we came to a nice vantage point in which to see Italy from. Along the way we passed all these beautiful signs outside private doors, some of which I have posted below. We then hit up a lovely and tourist free restaurant for lunch, then made our way back to the ferry to return to Positano. All in all, Capri is gorgeous!

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  1. HI
    So glad you enjoyed the "real" Capri. It is a wonderful place when you get away from the crowds.