Thursday, August 19, 2010

Assistants Perspective: Two Weeks Before The Wedding Day

I am a packing procrastinator, the person that is still be packing moments before I have to leave for the airport. Don’t do this on your wedding day! You want to be relaxed and know that you have double and triple checked that you have everything you need for the big day. By packing ahead of time you will have it out of the way and be able to enjoy those last few days as a bride.

For your Wedding Day:
Organize all the items you need for your ceremony and reception and label them. This way the venue, wedding planner, friend, or even you don’t have to shuffle through the items and try to figure out what programs go into what basket. Have a copy of your vows and readings printed on index cards just in case someone forgets them.

Ask your venue if you can drop off all reception items off the day before, items such as Menus, favors, escort cards, signage, cake knife, etc.

Gather your dress, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, and headpiece and put them all together in a closet for safekeeping so the morning of it will all be in one place, ready to be worn!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit:
Prepare an “emergency” bag with essentials you may need. Pack items like an extra pair of shoes, make up bag, double sided tape, safety pins, breath mints, tissues, small first aid kit, deodorant, stain remover wipes, snacks, medications, if you are curling your hair, pack a curling iron in case you hair needs a little touch up.

We are leaving the morning after our wedding for our honeymoon which means everything must be ready to go! Even if you aren’t leaving right away it is important to at least create a packing list and throw a few of the essential items you know you need to take into an open suitcase. Make sure you have all the medications you need, travel documents, and cosmetics. You may think that you can pick something up at the local drugstore, but keep in mind the location you are visiting, the brands and items may differ from here.

Happy Packing!

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