Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I Did It My Way"

I had the pleasure this past weekend of helping to coordinate a wedding that was so full of love and personality that I can't stop thinking about it. When I had originally met with the couple 18 months ago, they were planning a much more elaborate affair with a sizable guest list, but then the economy tanked and well, they needed to revisit their wedding day concept. And revisit they did. They scrapped most of the guest list, changed venues from a vintage theatre to their favorite restaurant in their neighborhood. They chose this place as it has a private back garden that they could tent and have for the afternoon and evening - no time limits, no hassles. They invited only their closest 30 family and friends and they chose to hold their ceremony 5 blocks from their apartment. We met on Friday evening to share a bottle of wine and decorate the tent - LED candles, Japanese lanterns and we used cupcakes as the centerpieces on the tables. On Saturday, it was windy but sunny but the wedding was fantastic.

What I loved most about this couple and their wedding is that it was truly them. Nothing over the top or pretentious, just like them. The guests there really and truly cared about them getting married. They were handed an unfortunate twist of events and they made the wedding work for them. They cut out the fluff so that their day was their day and not some big overdone affair that didn't reflect them as a couple.

I think its important during your wedding planning to step back and reflect ~ is the affair that you are creating really and truly about you and your soon - to - be? Does it reflect who you are as a couple? Or, are you doing things because someone else is dictating your style? Remember that its just one day {albeit one of the biggest and bestest days of your life!} and you want that day to be only about YOU.

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