Monday, April 6, 2009

Groom - diva?

I always get asked about how involved the Groom should be in the wedding planning ... I always get a kick out of this. Without the Groom, there'd be no wedding, so he's involved from day one!!! In all seriousness though, having an active (or somewhet active) Groom throughout the planning process is a must have. Firstly, it eliminates him having an surprises on the wedding day ("I hate chicken, why are we serving chicken?" or "This is the venue you picked?") and it also gives him a little bit of ownership of the day. Now, the Groom's involvement doesn't have to be much (obviously you're planning over the course of many sports seasons ... wouldn't want him to miss out on any big games) but he should be helping out.

My suggestions for where the Groom should be involved:

Getting the guest list in order (he should be finalizing his side of invitees AND getting the appropriate addresses from his side)

Help picking the food - he will be eating it, he should like it!

Help picking the band - gotta make sure they play music suitable for his dance moves!

Acting as a buffer between the Bride and the future in-laws ... this is a must do if your in laws are being difficult throughout the planning phase. In theory, he should be the neutral ground - supporting you, listening to them (and then saying no, right?!)

Most importantly - he should be your #1 supporter right now. When you want to scream because all you have is tulle, beef and hydrangea's on the mind and you need to escape from the induced wedding coma, he should be there to listen, calm you down and redirect your fury elsewhere.

Lastly, an involved Groom means he'll be insanely proud of all your hard work after the wedding, and be your personal marketer telling everyone that the wedding was incredible and amazing because of all your fantastic planning!

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