Friday, February 27, 2009

To DIY or Not to DIY ...

I find that weddings and creativity can be a wonderful combination or a disaster. If you are unlike me and are able to get your creative ideas from your head into physicality, while at the same time, managing to not become overwhelmed with everything else wedding process related, then it works in your favor ... however, if you can't quite get what you want to come to fruition or its taking over your life and getting in the way of planning your big day ... then being a DIY'er is causing more problems than it should.

I am all for DIY projects for your wedding - it makes the day that much more personal and intimate and your guests will absolutely appreciate the finer details. In this economy as well as with everything seemingly a click or short ride away, anything is possible. But, make sure what you want to DIY is manageable as far as scope of project and completion in a timely manner.

I've been meeting with potential clients lately and it seems like everyone wants to DIY their own florals for the wedding day. Being an obsessed flower junky myself, I love this idea, but, there are other factors to include in this decision besides channeling your inner florist and wanting to save money. Who is going to help you physically buy all the flowers needed and who is going to help you make bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, boutonnieres and anything else you want/need? Before you commit to DIY - make sure you've "hired" some laborers. Do research into how long each arrangement takes (I would goggle this on the Internet based on what you want in each arrangement AND do a couple trials first), then, realize that the week of your wedding you and your 'employees' are going to be busy scouting flowers or other items to create these amazing homespun masterpieces and not relaxing before the big day. Lastly and most importantly - where are you going to store these flowers? Cut flowers need to be refrigerated in order to not wilt! Make sure to put some thought into where you can store flowers from when you purchase them to after you create them until you need them ...

Don't get me wrong, I love DIY for a wedding, just make sure you're fully committed to every aspect of the project.

Happy Planning!

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